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A whole new way to do preschool

Play, with meaning. PALZ is a unique play-based program that uses unconventional materials to teach kindergarten readiness skills in such a fun way that kids will absolutely love learning.

What do hammers, golf tees, and pumpkins have in common?

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Playing or Learning?

YES! Play is so fun your child won't realize he's learning. So he'll love it!


Beans = Math

Unconventional teaching materials help capture and hold your child's attention.


Crisis Negotiation

Your child will learn how to engage and collaborate. And sometimes, negotiate.


Ready. Set. Go!

Your child will be prepared for the next phase of her education. But most importantly, will love learning.

PALZ Classes

2023-2024 School Year

play-based preschool for toddlers in locust grove, henry county



play-based preschool for two year olds in locust grove, henry county


Day(s):Mon & Tue

play-based preschool for three year olds in locust grove, henry county



play-based preschool for four year olds and pre-k in locust grove, henry county


Program: 3-Day
Day(s): Mon-Wed
9am-1pm: $225/month
Program: 4-Day
Day(s): Mon-Thu
9am-1pm: $255/month

Meet Our Teachers

preschool director

Tammy Miller

PALZ Director


preschool teacher

Rachel French

PALZ Teacher

preschool teacher

Katie Mondy

PALZ Teacher

preschool teacher

Renee Jones

PALZ Teacher

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What Our Friends Think

I heard Tammy Miller, the founder of the PALZ program at my church, share her heart with some church leaders recently, and my heart was exploded open to help her grow this program. I wish something like this was available when my kids were young. She loves to make learning fun through educational play. The kids are having so much fun, they don’t even realize they are learning. Every lesson is planned and with a purpose. Check it out.


PALZ learning program is an excellent learning school for small children. My son attended Pre-k here, which prepared him greatly for kindergarden! I would highly recommend PALZ as the best start for all children! We were truly blessed to have been honored to have him attend this school.








At PALZ we teach all the needed preschool skills, including letters and numbers. We just do it with a slightly different approach. The children learn in a very active environment that feels like fun and play.

For example, before the children ever put pencil to paper we strengthen their fingers through activities like manipulating nuts and bolts, using tweezers to grip items, and learning to use scissors.

Then we transition them to writing with salt, shaving cream and paint bags, and using chalk boards and picture frames. Once it’s time to move to pencil and paper they are excited about writing and even want to continue in their spare time!

We believe that worksheets have a time and place. However, we do not use worksheets to teach a skill. Skills are learned through fun activities, games, songs, and creative projects with unusual materials. We find that this approach keeps them interested and excited in the activity, and better prepares them for the next phase of their education.  And when the time comes, they will handle worksheets successfully.

It is easy to learn when you love it!!

We offer several specials. One of the favorites is the Library. The children love picking out a library book each week to take home and read with their family.

Another favorite is Science. Miss Hope teaches Science right after lunch, from 12:00pm-1:00pm. They have a great time exploring and doing simple experiments.

We have weekly music and bible time that are creative, hands-on specials and the children love these activities.

Yes, if we have space in the classroom a student may start in the middle of a school year.

We have found that sometimes parents feel that their little one is not quite ready to begin preschool in the fall but is ready later in the year. Because, PALZ is a small homelike atmosphere we can easily help a new student settle into the classroom routine in the middle of the year.

That is another benefit of the approach we use. We work at each child’s level and within their learning style so a new student can jump in at any time and join the fun of learning!

Yes, we have an awesome referral program!! We believe that our PALZ families are super important, and hope our families feel the same about us.  Referring another child to PALZ is the greatest compliment we can possibly receive.

For each referral that registers at PALZ, you will receive one free month’s tuition!!