What is PALZ?

Play with meaning. PALZ is a unique, play-based early learning program operated as a ministry of Harvest Point UMC. Our program utilizes creative teaching techniques and hands-on learning in an intimate setting with small class sizes, allowing us to teach our students according to their individual learning styles.   We encourage children to be creative and explore and investigate.  We teach the children how to solve problems, build their self-confidence to engage in new experiences, and develop their social and cognitive skills. PALZ incorporates literature, monthly themes, art, music, science, pre-math, pre-reading, stories, singing and instrument-playing, as well as a focus on social skills and fine and large motor skills.

What makes PALZ unique?

– Small, intimate class sizes allow us to teach to each child’s specific learning style

– A play-based philosophy means learning is always hands-on and fun

– Creative teaching techniques and unconventional materials make each activity exciting

– Children develop a love for learning that will go with them to their next phase of education

PALZ About 4

Hammers, Golf Tees, and Pumpkins? Oh My!

PALZ regularly uses unconventional materials as a way of adding interest and excitement to learning. These activities also form the foundation upon which advanced learning can stand.

Children will hammer golf tees into foam pumpkins to improve motor skills.  Or they may manipulate nuts and bolts to help strengthen finger grip. 

Shaving cream becomes a writing utensil, which takes the stress off of using fingers to manipulate a pencil and allows the children to focus simply on the letters.

Once they begin to write using pencil and paper, they already have the basic skills that were delivered through play activities.

Years of PALZ
Loving Teachers
Class Options
Weekly Hours of FUN

Our Mission

To provide a program that will foster a strong love for the Lord and others while learning spiritually, emotionally, and physically in a creative learning environment

Our Vision

To provide a carefully designed environment that invites children to explore, examine, question, predict, test, investigate, and manipulate

Our Goals

To provide the very best opportunity for children to succeed throughout their educational experience

Discovery and Exploration

See ordinary things in a whole new way

Arts and Crafts

Always something to take home to mom

Reading, Writing, Math, Science

It's all FUN!

Music and Dance

Weekly music time with fun instruments and singing

Small Class Sizes

We can teach to each child's individual learning style

Fun Activities

Children love learning when it feels like play


At PALZ, days are like snowflakes - no two are ever the same

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911 Simpson Mill Road
Locust Grove, GA 30248


Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 1:00pm
(based on class)

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