Enrollment Window – Dates

Enrollment for 2022-2023* is open!

* Children can be enrolled in the current year, pending availability in an existing class.


Tuition is based on class age and duration. Tuitions shown are for 2022-2023 school year.

9am-12pm Option

Toddlers 1-Day Program $90/month
Twos 2-Day program $150/month
3-Day Program $180/month

9am-1pm Option

Threes 3-Day Program $200/month
4-Day Program $230/month
Fours 3-Day Program $200/month
4-Day Program $230/month
Pre-K 3-Day Program $200/month
4-Day Program $230/month
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Enrollment Fees

Enrollment fees are due upon registration and are non-refundable.

$75 for Toddler/One-Day Class

$220 for All Classes Except Toddler/One-Day Class

Enrollment Requirements

Both the registration form and fee must be submitted in order to guarantee a spot for your child.

You must also provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate, updated immunization form, and insurance card when registering your child.

Check with PALZ Director for current COVID guidelines.

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