easter writing
Step Number 1- Dig in the colorful grass and find an egg. When you find just the right egg, don’t open it, hustle to your seat first.
chalk board 5
Step Number 2 – After picking the perfect  egg, open it up and see what letter you will find!
chalk board 2
Step Number 3- Now is the perfect time to tell your friends what letter you found!  Can you say that letter sound? Next, write the letter on your chalkboard.
chalk board 4
Step Number 4 – Dip your paint brush in water and use it as a pencil to erase your chalk letter. Be careful, remember to start at the top and follow the lines your have made! After you have finished place your letter back into your egg and hide it in the colorful grass for a new friend to find… Now start again, what letter is next?

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